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Our desire is to leave a positive impact on the community as much as we can with the resources we have. So far we have been involved in the following:


We have previously held Sunday Services at the School which gives us an opportunity to partner with them. We have already made donations to their out of schools clubs, we give talks at their seasonal assemblies and help out at their events where we can.


Most parents in Cotgrave will have heard of PlayDays - the very popular kids activity programme that ran several times a year in school holiday weeks. The parent committee who ran it have now all moved on as their kids have grown up, but we as a Church picked up their Legacy in 2016 and are seeing fantastic turnouts. You can read more about it here.


We help with the town council's organisation of this event and also bring our own offering to the party. Look out for us on the day!


Same with the Festival. We help out where we can with the set up and have a presence on the day - normally something that the kids can engage with.


We have delivered 'half term' football club based at Candleby Lane School which give both young boys and girls the opportunity to be taught skills by FA qualified coaches as well as being taught good Christian morals through the footballing theme. The club runs for four days with competition finals and awards being presented on the last day for parents to come along and enjoy.