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Small Groups

Small groups are the primary way we 'Find Freedom' which is the second stage in our Grow Model. Freedom has been in God's heart since the book of Exodus when he roared to Pharaoh, "Let my people go". God wants us free from anything that stops our spiritual growth and prevents us from excelling in our purpose. We have been made on purpose for a purpose!

In addition to traditional small groups you can join small groups within courses, and one of our various interest or activity groups.

Your commitment to each group is for just one term (approximately 13 weeks) after that, we'd encourage you to first and foremost consider staying with that group to continue to forge relationship, but it's also a legitimate option to try another group should circumstances dictate that.


This is the new title for our previous small groups. They meet once a week to 'do life' together. This normally involves fellowship, sharing and unpacking the previous Sunday sermon. Not ready to dive into one of our new interest groups? No problem. This option will continue to be open for the foreseeable future.


Some people struggle to commit to both a course and a small group, moving forward you can make a course your small group for that term because all courses will be broken down into small group discussions. They will include things like Alpha, The Bible Course, Freedom in Christ, Firm Foundations and a Marriage Course.


Interests can be around 3 areas: A Subject i.e., Bible study, prayer, outreach, healing, forgiveness, addiction. A Life Stage i.e., singleness, newly married, parenting. A Hobby i.e., walking, cycling, crafting, food (evening meal, breakfast etc.). The possibilities are endless as we use various interests to help people bond, but keep Jesus central.


Activity groups are based around hobbies and activities. The difference between these groups and the interest groups is that there is no structured spiritual slot. So you won’t get a Bible lesson or reflection here. They are purely relational. At least 50% of the group will be Christians and Christian values and behaviours will be upheld. Fun and fellowship are high on the agenda.


Small Groups have limited spaces. Once they're full, they're full. Find the group you'd like to join and then click on the group to sign up.  If you aren't sure which group is for you please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Lynne Tan. 

Traditional Groups


Interest Groups

Activity Groups

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