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Rock Chicks (for women)

Rock Chicks is a strong enthusiastic and vibrant community of women who seek to be all that God has called us to be.

  • Authenticity is important to us. We never encourage ‘clones’ but celebrate uniqueness and individuality. We don’t care if you come dressed up or wearing your favourite tracky!
  • We believe we have all been born 'on purpose for a purpose' and we go all out in our support of one another in finding our fit in the world and in the church.
  • We value unity and understand that we need each other to flourish and achieve all that God has for us.

Our passion is that every woman knows that with us, they are valued, believed in and will be nurtured and encouraged on their journey with God and to find their place in this wonderful community we call ‘Chicks’.

2024 Dates

Fri 2nd Feb

Fri 22nd Mar

Fri 7th Jun

Fri 2nd Aug

Fri 4th Oct

Fri 6th Dec