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Our Mentoring statement

‘Mentoring is a dynamic, intentional, voluntary relationship of trust in which one person (the mentor) enables another person (the mentee) to maximise the grace of God within their lives and develop their potential in the service of God’s kingdom purposes.’

Mentoring at the Rock is dynamic because it focuses on Growth. It is also dynamic because it has different options to suit the stages of your spiritual journey. 

Traditional Mentoring

We have traditional mentoring for when you need someone ahead of you in terms of spiritual growth and wisdom. A wonderful sounding board, a wise guide and an encouraging support to help you grow healthy and strong in your relationship with Christ.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is an iron sharpening iron relationship where you support each other in your spiritual growth and challenges. It provides great accountability, a sounding board and an opportunity to learn from another perspective.

POD Mentoring

This is another peer mentoring option. A POD typically has 3 people in the relationship and we recommend mentoring involves studying a book or series together. This option also involves an intentional social element to build deeper friendships. 

If you are a member of The Rock and would like to know more or sign up, get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I love being a mentor because I really enjoy getting along side people to help them have a closer walk with God and also to help them move forward to reach their full potential in Him.

Chris, mentor

It’s good to have that someone you can turn to for help and prayer when going through tough times, as well as someone to celebrate with when I find myself stepping out for God more and more as my faith journey continues.

Holly, mentee