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Discover Purpose

We have all been born on purpose for a purpose and our lives will never make sense until we discover what our purpose is.

Our Growth Track course looks at three important elements ‘Do we fit?’ ‘Finding your fit’ and ‘Fitting in’ all important steps to discovering our purpose.

Our next Growth Track will be staring on Sunday 28th April, 2024, sign up to attend.

Wk 1: Do I Fit?

This week you will hear pastors Ali and Kate share something of our history as well as our unique vision, values and church structure. You will get an invitation at the end of the evening to join the Rock. If you decide to join, you will be invited to weeks two and three of the course.

Wk 2: Finding My Fit

This is where things get interactive. You were born on purpose for a purpose, so during this session we help you discover your unique personality and spiritual gifts. You will be given a handbook and we will guide you through two simple question and answer exercises.

WK3: How Do I Fit?

There is nothing more rewarding than finding you fit in life. All our serving teams combined form one big ‘Dream Team’. Using the results from week 2, we help you identify God’s place for you at the Rock by exploring all the options further as well as taking you through our values. 

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Click on any of the four areas of the grow model below for further details

Know God
Finding and developing a relationship with God

Find Freedom
Dealing with the past so you can propel into your future

Discover purpose
Understanding your unique personality and spiritual gifts

Make a Difference
Impacting the lives of others on our Dream Team

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