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As well as running our own initiatives we understand the power of supporting people who are already doing great works, that's why we give financially to other projects that are doing great works both locally, nationally and internationally. You can read about these below.

  • Christian Against Poverty

    Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is an international, award winning debt counselling charity and we are proud to be a partner church for the South Notts CAP Centre. The service provided through this helps people set a realistic budget, prioritise bills and liaise with creditors to set up repayment plans. A special account is set up for clients to pay into, which is used to provide money to priority creditors. For those with acute debts.

    The CAP support worker will take you through a five step process to freedom including a home visit, setting an effective budget, opening a CAP account, walking you through insolvency and the filling out of forms, to working out how to pay bills and repayments until people are debt free.

    CAP is unique in its non judgemental approach and will help anyone regardless of their religious beliefs, race, nationality, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. And the neatest thing of all ... CAP is a completely FREE service!

  • The King's Village (Ghana)

    Led by Ben and Marion Owusu-Sekyere, the project is working closely with local communities to provide clean water and sanitation, education, health care and micro-enterprise opportunities to some of the most disadvantaged people in West Africa.

    Serving a district of 160,000 people, where the average person earns just 50p a day, the project adopts an integrated development approach - providing clean water and sanitation, healthcare, education and training and enterprise development in the Tolon-Kumbungu district of Northern Ghana.

    More than 30 local people are employed by the King's Village Project. Between them they've helped develop a medical centre providing the first doctor in the district, have provided water and sanitation to in excess of 10,000 people, established a school and begun to develop a micro-enterprise initiative.

    Currently the project school has around 200 pupils and a new intake of 35 pupils joins every year. The project’s Medical Centre provides the only doctor amongst 160,000 people, and was recently extended by the construction of a nutritional centre at which severely malnourished children are treated.

    Over the last few years, the King’s Village Project has worked in partnership with World Vision and the British Army to deliver clean water sources, latrines and hygiene education to thousands of local people, and has seen lasting transformation in the communities served.

  • The Keziah Christian School

    Pat & Joanna Martinez have a school in the Philippines for those children living in poverty and also have a heart for those with special needs. Our financial support helps to fund pupils through education (which is not offered freely in this part of the world) – helping to pay the staff wages, children’s uniforms, school supplies, books and stationary.

  • Operation Orphan

    Operation Orphan is a Nottingham based charity that helps improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children in a holistic, culturally relevant and sustainable way. Brad and Cyl Moore – good friends of The Rock, have rescued children from all over the world following major disasters.

  • Hope for Justice

    Hope For Justice is a charity close to the women at The Rock (The Rock Chicks), it exists to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

    It is our aim at The Rock to initiate an 'abolition group' who’s purpose is to raise money and awareness for human trafficking and slavery.

  • Central Africa Mission

    The Rock supports two missionaries – Carol Seymour and Ginnie Perkins who were sent from the original church at Wellin Lane who work over in the Congo as church planters. CAM was founded in 1915 initially working exclusively in the Congo but now has over one million members and over 6,000 churches and has expanded into Zambia, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

  • The Friary

    The Friary was founded in 1988 by Ann Bremner MBE, it is a well-respected registered charity with a distinctly Christian foundation which operates in the Nottingham area. The Friary’s mission is to empower homeless and vulnerable adults to rebuild their lives by offering practical services, advice and emotional support. Every year the charity caters for 15,000 visits from local people who are suffering the effects of homelessness, substance misuse, financial destitution and social isolation.Founded in 1988 by Ann Bremner MBE, the Friary is a well-respected registered charity with a distinctly Christian foundation which operates in the Nottingham area. 

    The service was first commissioned in 1988 to address a specific local need and initially was run entirely by volunteers opening 1 day a week. Since 1988 a combination of heightened need for the service and continued dedication to addressing more complex needs of local people has produced today’s widely known and respected charity. The Friary now delivers a wide range of services with open access drop-in sessions being delivered 3 times per week, 52 weeks of the year. Each drop-in is accessed by over 100 local people in need of support. The Friary is passionate about people and about tackling poverty caused by homelessness and unemployment. The charity is committed to offering person-centred advice and support which is accessible and free to all those who require it.

  • The Ettricks

    Tim and Shireen Ettrick are missionaries that were sent from the original church at Wellin Lane.  They are now ministering in Leicester to the Muslim population and are instrumental in sharing the gospel with other faiths. 

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