Devotion Explosion

A 40 day campaign to create daily spiritual disciplines starting January 1st

The goal of our Devotion Explosion is to see people enter into a deeper relationship with God that will set them up into a new fresh rhythm of spiritual life. This will be achieved by setting aside daily 'quality time' with God utilising the bible and prayer.

Questions and answers

What is a ‘daily devotion'?

A time of the day that you put aside specifically for you to connect with God. Just like you may put a ‘date night’ in the diary with your partner, prioritise to spend time with close friends, or meet around the dinner table as a family once a day, a ‘daily devotion’ is a time you set with God to be with him,  speak with him and allow him to speak to you.

What’s the difference between a ‘quiet time’ and a ‘daily devotional time'?

Nothing really, they both generally mean the same thing.

When is the best time of the day to have my daily devotion?

Whenever suits you best, but we would recommend first thing in the morning, that way you are putting God first and will be more alert of his presence as you go through your whole day. Jesus also modelled this.

How long should I spend each day?

This is entirely up to you. But if you’re using the ‘Bible in a Year’ reading plan then that will take you approximately 15 minutes to go through. To enhance your devotional time you could spend additional time studying a particular verse that stood out to you, journal your thoughts, meditate on what you've read, or spend time in prayer and worship.

What happens if I miss a day?

Life is busy, we get distracted. The idea is that we use this 40 day period to get us super focussed, but if for whatever reason you miss a day, don’t worry or feel condemned, just pick things up again the next day. God will still be waiting for you whenever you next decide to meet him in this way.

Helping you get started!

In any habit forming process the first few days are crucial. Brain scientists tell us that the first week is the most important in developing and maintaining a new habit. It’s during this point, especially around days 4-5 that we’re most likely to quit.

The brain is physically creating matter every time you repeat something, and at different stages it breaks through new stages.

So to help us start well and get through this first stage, we’re encouraging everyone to fast for the first 3 days. Whether it be fasting all food, choice food, social media or TV, let’s commit this campaign to God through both prayer and fasting.

Additional tools to help you

We're all wired differently so will connect with God in different ways. Listed below are some resources you might want to consider using to help get the best out of your devotional time with God.

Journal Junkies

These A5 sized journals use a simple but powerful unique 7 step formula that guides you through your daily devotional time with The Lord. 

Spotify Playlists

Over 7 hours of meditational music is available to you on our playlist to help calm your spirit and get you in a reflective mood.

Soultime app

Meditate on various bible readings and topics, take a spiritual personality report and connect with other designated users.

Ways to get involved

How you engage with the daily bible readings and prayer is entirely up to you, but below are some recommendations.

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Daily Audio Bible

As part of the campaign we are encouraging everyone to follow the same daily bible readings so we can enjoy the journey together. We will be following the reading plan from the Daily Audio Bible. On the website or through the app you can either read the scriptures for that day or have them read out to you. (The beauty of the audio version is that you get a commentary on a particular part of the scriptures read for you to contemplate further.)

Join our WhatsApp Group

Join our WhatsApp group during the campaign to post your 'verse of the day' from the reading plan, give a brief summary of what it meant to you, read what others post and stay accountable to keep the daily discipline going. Click here to add yourself to the group.

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