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Kidz Klub is our explosive kids work for all primary school aged in the community. It takes place at The Hub on Friday's straight after school and is jam packed with fun, games, prizes, snacks, songs and a positive faith-based take home message. Read our Q&A's below for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: KidzKlub will not be running from September 2018 in it's current weekly format due to volunteer availability. We are sad to have to put a hold on our children's work, but the safety of the children comes first and without adequate, qualified team members we unfortunately are unable to deliver the programme. We are continuing with our Christmas, Easter & Alternative Halloween parties and will be back in touch with all parents when we are able to sustain a more regular programme again.

What is Kidz Klub in a nutshell?

Kidz Klub is a national model of a 'faith based education and entertainment children's club' that is being adopted locally by The Rock Church.

It's designed to be 75 minutes of safe, structured activities that kids talk about all week!

Who can come?

Anyone at primary school (aged 4-11).

Parents coming for the first time are welcome to come and sit in on a session to see exactly what it's like.

Most parents drop off and pick up, but you are welcome to hang around in our parent’s lounge and enjoy a coffee. 

You are also welcome to have younger children stay with you under your supervision. We have some age appropriate activities to help keep them entertained.

(Please note, there are limited spaces in the lounge.)

What happens at Kidz Klub?

At a typical Kidz Klub you are likely to find the following:

In a party atmosphere a range of games and activities are available for all to get involved in. Members of our team take part and encourage participation from everyone making sure no one is left side-lined.

Even though parts of Kidz Klub can look like mayhem at times, it’s all organised and all the children are given clear rules to help support positive behaviour.

Our hosts lead the kids in some fun action songs - sometimes faith based and sometimes secular. 

What kid doesn't like to play games? There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in exciting, fun games at Kidz Klub. And some that are really messy!

We encourage healthy competition to help reinforce the importance of team work and to bring a sense of achievement. This is in place from start to finish with children winning points for their respective teams - not just for winning games, but for other specific contributions as well.

Each week has a theme. This is reinforced through a bible based story teaching, e.g. honouring parents, speaking positively, telling the truth or looking out for one another. 

Children are rewarded at the end of each week for different things, e.g. trying their best, being best behaved child, or making a special contribution.

Children are encouraged to bring their prayer requests to the front, and (once vetted, to make sure they are appropriate) our hosts will encourage them to pray, or pray for them in an appropriate manner.

When and where is it?

Kidz KluKidz Klub takes place every Friday after school during term time.

Doors open at 3.30pm for those who come direct from school. For the first half an hour there are activities and games available in a party like atmosphere.

The programme starts at 4pm so those who have gone home between school and Kidz Klub won’t miss anything.

How much does it cost?

We ask for a donation on entry of up to £2 per child or £3 total per family (brothers or sisters). Everything is covered within that price, such as snacks and drinks for the kids and refreshments for the adults.

Who is looking after my kids?

Kidz Klub only happens the way it does thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers who have your children's best interests at heart.

These are mainly people from the church but parents/carers are welcome to apply to be on team.

What safeguarding measures are in place?

The safety of children is parmount and we have measures in place to meet child protection guidelines.

Our whole team of volunteers have been DBS checked.Regular training takes place to support the team in upholding our child protection policy. 

We also have a signing in/out procedure to ensure that your child leaves with the right person! Please bear with us particularly when picking up as it does take several minutes to get everyone out at the same time.

Every child must have signed consent from their own parent/carer to gain entry to Kidz Klub.

Is there more to Kidz Klub?

Absolutely. Yes!

The model of Kidz Klub involves both schools and community work as well as maintaining and developing relationships with you, the parent/carer, making sure that your child is having the best experience they can with us.

These areas will be developed as time goes on and resources allow.

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