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Rock News - March 2018

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March 2018

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Dear Visitor, welcome to your February issue of Rock News.


BRIDGFORD SUNDAYS: Wow! What an amazing month it's been; there's been new faces each week joining our packed out services.  We saw Israel Silgram and Phil Williams taking to the Rock Church pulpit for the first time.  Eu Aun and Lynne Tan were honoured for being pillars of the church.  We had a testimony time with several people sharing about what God has been up to in their lives.  And last week Ali Kent interviewed Sof Lesiuk to give a vision update for 2018.                  

KIDZ KLUB: Kidz Klub has been growing in numbers each week.  The team do an amazing job keeping the energy high and bringing lots of fun and games.  The kids have had visits from Paw Patrol, played lots of messy games and have heard short messages about the Bible, sharing the good news, and prayer - amongst other topics.  Whilst the kids are active in the main hall the parents enjoy some peace and quiet in the lounge with cakes and drinks.        

ROCK CHICKS 'LET'S BE': The ladies had an amazing evening together for their first 'Let's Be' event of 2018.  After some drinks and cakes, Lynne Tan led the evening as Julie Greenhalgh shared an exciting project she has on her heart to do this year.  Clare Buckby and Kate Kent also shared a short message to encourage the ladies.    

ROCKER FELLAS 'BIG BREAKFAST: What better way to start the weekend than a cooked breakfast! Over 20 of our guys met for the first of five scheduled events for 2018. Following the food cooked and served brilliantly by some of our 'Chicks' Rob Brown gave us some soul food as he shared with the men an excellent short personal message called 'What nearly dying can do for your faith'.


Hey Visitor, check out our massive photo gallery to see the month in pictures!

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Go to the West Bridgford photo 'Galleries'or Cotgrave photo 'Galleries' to see more pictures.

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Check out all past sermons on the website. You can also click the links below to listen to the most recent messages.

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Birthdays of Rock Legends coming up this month are listed below. Why not drop them a line and send them a birthday greeting? E-mail addresses and phone numbers can be found in the Prayer Directory.

  • Emma Piggins - 5th March
  • Zoltan Dornyei - 11th March
  • Barbara Bullimore- 13th March
  • Clare Cooper - 14th March
  • Lena Tennick - 23rd March
  • Simon Taylor -25th March

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