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Rock News - May 2018

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May 2018

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Dear Visitor, welcome to your May issue of Rock News.


BRIDGFORD SUNDAYS: The Rock has had five fantastic Sundays this month, starting with the church celebrating the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday with plenty of new guests attending.  A large group also stayed for lunch afterwards enjoying some fellowship together.  The brilliant Jo Read from Generations Church in Louth came and spoke a word that fitted perfectly with this year's vision to build.  We also had a preaching series on Mentoring as the church restructures the way mentoring happens at The Rock.                   

PLAYDAYS: A massive record breaking number attended the April Playdays, 193 children and adults enjoyed crafts, bouncy castles, games and a visit from Paw Patrol.          

ROCK-A-BYE-BABIES: A new ministry started this month for 0-12 month olds and their parents.  There's an opportunity to meet new parents, weigh your baby (as a lot of clinics no longer have set sessions), have a drink and get some advice from other parents.    

ROCKERFELLAS BOWLING: The Fellas had an epic Saturday night out ten-pin bowling as part of their annual programme of events. There wasn't loads of strikes to be found, but much fun was had by all.

ROCK CHICKS LET'S BE: The ladies met for their Let's Be nights.  After enjoying cake and drinks two of the Chicks team stepped out and had a go.  Lauretta Beharall led for the first time and Sarah Flatman preached for the first time at The Rock, both ladies did an amazing job.


Hey Visitor, check out our photo gallery to see the month in pictures!

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