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LET'S BE HONEST, we’ve probably all felt one of these things at some stage, the reality being that many people experience them on a regular basis.

Life isn’t easy. No one said it would be. But what if there was light - not just at the end of the tunnel - but within touching distance? What if freedom was a present reality not just a distant concept? What if there was a higher purpose to your existence over and above the daily treadmill you’re oh so familiar with?

Lay aside any preconceptions about happy-clappy, bible-bashing, God squads for a minute and just dare to dream. Imagine if there was a whole unseen world outside of the physical one you constantly navigate. Think about the possibility of an invisible force that is available to enhance your visible reality and bring freedom, fulfilment, purpose and healing. The Bible calls it ‘The Kingdom of God”.

It’s this message that we presented and unpacked using real life stories at two Sunday night church services we put on recently in Keyworth. You can listen to them on this page.

If you have any questions about our presence in Keyworth, feel free to get in touch.


Sunday 25th November

SPEAKER: Kate Kent

Listen below to Kate's message "The Fall of The Female Forest Fanatic (and her reinstatement)". Hear about the European Cup being bundled into a car boot, life on the terraces in the Trent End and endless drinking in the TBI!


Sunday 2nd December

SPEAKER: Israel Silgram

Israel’s back story is littered with drugs, depression doubt and death; until one day when he had a dramatic encounter with God. His life now could not be more different! Listen to his story "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" below.


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