All sermons (West Bridgford)

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Title Speaker Date Series
The Disruptive Message of The Gospel Sue Mansfield 02 June 2013 General
7 Strategies to Impact a City for Christ Alistair Kent 02 June 2013 General
Is Jesus In Your Boat? Alistair Kent 26 May 2013 General
Boundaries and Barriers Roger Robb 12 May 2013 General
A Church Full of Armour Bearers James Galloway 05 May 2013 General
The Armour of God (Part Two) Kate Kent 28 April 2013 General
The Armour of God (Part One) Alistair Kent 21 April 2013 General
Deal or No Deal Luke Meadows 14 April 2013 General
Baptismal Testomines April 2013 Various 07 April 2013 General
Sink or Swim Kate Kent 07 April 2013 General
Breaking The Mould Kate Kent 31 March 2013 General
If I Were The Devil Alistair Kent 24 March 2013 General
Rage Against Beige Dave Gilpin 18 March 2013 General
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Kate Kent 10 March 2013 General
A Perfect Storm Ryan Birks 03 March 2013 General
The Devoted Things Kerrie Robb 24 February 2013 General
The Afterlife Alistair Kent 17 February 2013 General
My Flippin' Life Roger Robb 11 February 2013 General
Take A Flippin' Chill Pill Kate Kent 03 February 2013 General
Living For Jesus Is Flipping Brilliant Alistair Kent 27 January 2013 General
Many People in This City Kate Kent 20 January 2013 General
Undaunted Courage John O'Donovan 13 January 2013 General
Jesus' Prayer For You Alistair Kent 06 January 2013 General
God's Purpose For Your Life Lynda Fugard 30 December 2012 General
Bah Humbug Kate Kent 09 December 2012 General

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