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Title Speaker Date Series
Where Is Your Soul Anchored? Cathy Appelbee 08 August 2022 General
What's My Name? Roderick Norman 07 August 2022 General
Baptismal Testimonies - July 2022 Various 31 July 2022 General
Living With Purpose Debs Lee 24 July 2022 General
Isolate Your Isolation Clare Cooper 24 July 2022 General
Nudged Out Of The Nest Kate Kent 17 July 2022 General
Is Jesus The Bolt Cutter In Your LIfe? Rich Smith 17 July 2022 General
In the Morning Simon Taylor 10 July 2022 General
Hello Darkness My Old Friend Lizzi Baskeyfield 10 July 2022 General
Back From the Future Alistair Kent 03 July 2022 General
Breaking out for a Breakthrough John Pettifor 03 July 2022 General
This Is A Man's World Kate Kent 27 June 2022 General
Give It To Jesus Mark Ritchie 26 June 2022 General
Experiencing The Presence And Power Of The Holy Spirit Roy Todd 19 June 2022 General
How's the Training Going? Paul Clements 19 June 2022 General
The Glory Of God Jarrod Cooper 12 June 2022 General
The Parable Of The Broken Boiler Alistair Kent 12 June 2022 General
Destined For The Deep Debs Lee 05 June 2022 General
Don't Die in The Desert Lynne Tan 29 May 2022 General
My Story - Sarah O'Connor Sarah O'Connor 22 May 2022 My Story
Are You Ready? Kate Kent 22 May 2022 General
Breakthrough Ain't Easy Roderick Norman 16 May 2022 General
My Story - Tryan Hunter Tryan Hunter 15 May 2022 My Story
Lose Your Shoes Cathy Appelbee 08 May 2022 General
Your Plans Vs God's Plans Simon Taylor 01 May 2022 General

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